Make a Local Impact

You don’t have to be a scientist or part of an organization to spread the word about the importance of immunizations. You can make an impact on vaccine-preventable diseases in your own community. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Advocate for Stronger Vaccine Policies in Your State
  • Reach out to your state legislators to express your support for vaccines.
  • Write a letter to the editor or an opinion-editorial (op-ed) to your local paper explaining your support for vaccinations.
  • Attend a town hall, legislative meeting or candidate forum to ask your elected leaders or candidates about their stances on vaccines.
  • Host a house party or a town hall meeting to educate your friends, family and/or community members about vaccines and immunization-related policies, and provide opportunities for them to take action.
  • Vote for pro-science/pro-vaccination candidates.
Share Your Thoughts on Social Media & Talk to Your Friends and Family
  • If you, your child, or family members of all ages get a vaccine, post that information to your social media accounts. Better yet, post it with a proud photo!
  • Read more about common questions people may have about vaccines so that you can be prepared to defend vaccine science, if necessary, and suggest that they visit Vaccinate Your Family’s website to learn more about vaccinations for people of all ages.
  • Check out Voices for Vaccines’ guide to conversations with loved ones who are vaccine hesitant.
  • Don’t forget to also subscribe to our Shot of Prevention blog for the latest vaccine news and developments, and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get updates on vaccines and help share your support for vaccinations.
Work with Your Child’s Daycare Program to Increase Vaccination Rates
  • Ask your child’s daycare for their school’s immunization rates.
  • Ask if you can come into the classroom to talk to the older children about germs and how – through hand washing and vaccines – they can help keep themselves healthy. Vaccinate Your Family’s program for daycares offers posters, classroom activity ideas and letters that can be shared with parents and grandparents about vaccines for the whole family.
Increase  Vaccination Rates in Your Child’s School and Daycare
  • Find out your local area vaccination rates through your Department of Health. Next, approach your school nurse for more information on what you can do together to share more information with administrators and parents/caregivers about the importance of timely vaccinations for children, preteens, and teens.
  • Check out Families Fighting Flu’s Keep Flu Out of School program for some great ideas.

Looking for even more ideas? Sign up for Immunization Alerts from Vaccinate Your Family to get more information about what’s happening across the country and how you can help support vaccinations for people of all ages.

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