Catherine Flores Martin

Voting Board Member

Catherine Flores Martin is Executive Director for the California Immunization Coalition and is involved in state, regional and local immunization coalition development and planning. Catherine’s professional work for and with non-profits, public health departments, hospitals and clinics have helped make her an effective leader in developing community and provider education strategies for promoting immunizations across the lifespan and engage support for immunization registries.

Catherine works in partnership with Coalition members representing health care systems, private medical practices, public health departments, nonprofit organizations and volunteer programs to coordinate and facilitate professional and community education programs, conferences and media events, provider updates, regional immunization events and California’s annual statewide Summit. In addition to leading the California Immunization Coalition, she also serves as a consultant to the VIC Network, a project of the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) and CIC. In this role, Ms. Martin engages with local, state and national partners to identify resources develop collaborative partnerships, utilize social media and other technologies to promote immunization communication strategies to local, state and national stakeholders.

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