Contact Your Lawmakers

Vaccinate Your Family has identified several key bills in Congress that advance our national policy priorities and we need your help in asking your Members of Congress to support them.  Simply put in your information when requested to easily email your Senators and Representative and show your support for vaccines!

Fully Fund Immunization Programs

Section 317 of the Public Health Code provides funds to state and local health departments to fund vaccination programs and carry out education and outreach programs on the importance of immunizations.  The COVID-19 pandemic has taxed these already strained programs and underscored the need to fully fund immunizations programs to protect our communities. Learn more here.

Strengthen Immunization Data

Timely, reliable and accurate data is key in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases.  Tell the Senate to pass legislation to modernize data systems to improve security and interoperability. Learn more here.


Your Advocacy Worked!

Thanks to your outreach, Congress has now waived Medicare and Medicaid copays! This means no one on Medicare or Medicaid will have to pay to receive life-saving vaccines. Stay tuned to this space though – we need to keep the pressure on to ensure these new rules are implemented quickly and efficiently.

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