Flu Toolkit 2021-22

Use your platforms to share about the importance of flu vaccination this flu season! Vaccinate Your Family has created a library of shareable resources that our organization partners and individual advocates can share on social media or print and distribute in person. If you’re looking to learn about flu and the importance of flu vaccination, head to our page about the 2021-22 flu season.

Inside the toolkit you’ll find:

  • Square and landscape graphics sized for social media sharing
  • Sample social media posts, complete with hashtags and links – just copy and paste, add a graphic, and post to your social media pages
  • Printable handouts with key information about this flu season
  • Personal stories from individuals and families impacted by flu

The toolkit includes messages for general audiences as well as some specific materials designed for: parents of young kids, pregnant individuals, college students, communities of color, adults over 65, and people living with chronic conditions.

Please tag Vaccinate Your Family on social media when using these graphics and messages so we can amplify your posts! Twitter: @vaxyourfam / Instagram and Facebook: @vaccinateyourfamily


Download the Full 2021-22 Sharing Toolkit

Download the entire toolkit as a zip file with all sharing materials here: [click to download .zip file]

Social Media & Web Downloadables

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Suggested social media posts with links and hashtags [download .pdf] 

GRAPHICS: To download an individual graphic, click on the image & a high-res version will open in a new window. Right-click or control-click on that image to save it to your computer or phone. All graphics are available in the “full toolkit download” zip file above. 

Square graphics for Facebook and Instagram:


Landscape graphics for Twitter:

(more graphics available in the full toolkit download above!) 

Print Handouts

Handout: 3 Steps to Fight Flu [download .pdf] | en español

Handout: Top 6 Things to Know this Flu Season [download .pdf]en español

Handout: Pregnancy and Flu [download .pdf] | en español

Personal Stories

Every flu season, individuals and families are impacted by flu in serious and devastating ways. We share these stories to amplify the voices of vaccine advocates who have lost a loved one to flu. Vaccinate Your Family is grateful to our many vaccine advocates who are willing to share their painful stories in hopes of saving the lives of people of all ages. See a selection of stories from those impacted by flu below, and consider sharing this flu season.

Find our full library of personal stories here.

Share Marcelina’s story.

Additional Graphics & Resources

Below find even more graphics, developed in 2020 to prioritize minority groups with messages about the importance of flu vaccination. These messages remain important and relevant for the current 21-22 flu season.


The Flu Can Be Serious. Protect Your Friends and Family. #GETAFLUSHOT (TW)Medical Experts Agree. Everyone (6 months and older) needs an annual flu vaccination. #FIGHTFLU (TW)

The Flu Vaccine CANNOT Give You the Flu. #FIGHTFLU (TW)Medical Experts Agree: Everyone needs an annual flu vaccination. #FIGHTFLU (TW)

lnstagram and Facebook

Flu vaccines given during pregnancy help protect both the mother and her baby from flu. #FIGHTFLU (IG)Medical Experts Agree. Everyone (6 months and older) needs an annual flu vaccination. #FIGHTFLU (IG)The Flu Can Be Serious. Protect Your Friends and Family. #GETAFLUSHOT (IG)

The Flu Can Be Serious. Protect Your Friends and Family. #GETAFLUSHOT (IG)Protect Your Friends and Family #GETAFLUSHOT (IG)The Flu Vaccine CANNOT Give You the Flu. #FightFlu (IG)

Flu Campaigns from our Partners
  • Find more shareable materials including graphics, handouts, and flyers from the CDC for the 2021-22 flu season here.
  • Find PSAs, media tips and more from the AdCouncil’s No Time For Flu campaign here.
  • Learn how you or your organization can support the “Lead By Example” campaign from NFID here.
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