A Flu Story

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Gigi’s Story (As told by Gigi and her husband Brian)

Gigi admitted that as an adult she never worried about getting a flu shot. Then one day around Thanksgiving she started feeling poorly and remained ill until around Christmas. Both she and her husband Brian feel that they got the flu around the same time but while Brian got better, Gigi kept getting progressively worse.

After four visits to urgent care her doctors finally realized that she was fighting a bad case of the flu and they admitted her to the hospital. While in the hospital her condition continued to spiral down until she was at the brink of death. She had to be intubated and sedated with machines breathing for her. Brian had to speak to their kids and prepare them for the possibility that Mommy might not be coming home.

Fortunately, Gigi’s condition began to improve and she was eventually able to go home, but not without residual effects from the flu. She suffers from a lack of energy and forgetfulness.

Gigi and Brian encourage everyone to get a flu shot every year.

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