Policies and Positions

Policies & Positions

Learn More about Our Stance on Key Topics

Vaccinate Your Family’s position statements and policies reflect our organization’s stance on key immunization topics that the board has identified as needing explanation, justification, or recommendation. Additionally, below is a link to our website’s privacy statement.

All statements can be downloaded free of charge. Written permission is required to republish excerpts from, or full text of, Vaccinate Your Family’s documents. Contact info@vaccinateyourfamily.org to obtain permission.


Daycare & School Entry Requirements

Vaccinate Your Family supports daycare and school entry requirements that can make schools healthier places for all of our children.

ACIP Recommendations

Vaccinate Your Family follows the recommendations of the CDC's independent advisory board the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Acceptance of Funding

As a 501(c)3, Vaccinate Your Family has guidelines in place as to which funds we will accept. We reserved the right to maintain complete control over all of our programs, services, and related activities.

Website Privacy

Vaccinate Your Family values your privacy. We only have access to the information you voluntarily give us and we will not rent or sell your contact or financial information to anyone.