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Vaccinate Your Family (VYF) is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure the timely immunization of people of all ages. We are committed to reducing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases. Founded in 1991 as Every Child By Two, VYF works to ensure that individuals throughout the United States and more broadly receive timely vaccinations beginning in childhood and across the lifespan. Our work centers on raising public awareness and combatting misinformation to advance the critical need for timely immunizations, the benefits of vaccines and their safety. Through advocacy and public policy efforts, we ensure vaccine access for everyone with a particular focus on vulnerable communities.


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As long a single person gets sick from a vaccine-preventable disease, our work is not done.

Vaccinate Your Family is advancing an important legacy of advocacy, education and awareness, and public policy with a dedicated board, scientific advisory committee and staff of leading national and international experts in public health, academic medicine, marketing, advocacy and public policy.

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