Community Advocacy

There are many opportunities to spread the word about vaccines in your own community. Whether you’re speaking with family members or neighbors, or improving vaccine policies at work, we have you covered.

  • Places where you can help promote vaccines and public health:
    • Parent teacher organization (PTO) or Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Local or state immunization coalitions
    • Local chamber of commerce or school board
    • Local businesses, place of employment (human resources department)
  • Participate in speaking engagements
  • Conduct media interviews
  • Distribute educational materials at your local doctors’ offices, hospitals, coffee shops/cafes, community centers, health departments, churches, libraries, sporting events, local businesses, etc.
  • Volunteer to help set up a vaccination clinic at your church, community center, school, place of employment, daycare, etc.
  • Volunteer with a local community-based organization where you can help educate others about vaccines while also serving other community needs
  • Host an exhibit table at a local event (e.g., fair, conference) and distribute educational materials/information
  • Hold a community fundraiser or event for a charity to highlight the importance of vaccines alongside other community-based initiatives (e.g., food drives)
  • Hold a walk, 5K, or golf tournament in your community to benefit a local charity while highlighting the importance of vaccines
  • Write a letter or meet with your local legislator(s) to tell them why vaccines and strong immunization policies are important to you
  • Share your personal story of how you were impacted by a vaccine-preventable disease or simply why you choose to vaccinate
  • Get your kids involved:
    • Work with school nurses, teachers, and/or coaches to educate fellow students about vaccines
    • Hold a school fundraiser (e.g., funny hat day, pajama day) that highlights the importance of vaccines while supporting a local cause
    • Share vaccine-related promotional merchandise with friends
    • Initiate a fun challenge amongst friends related to vaccines, e.g., coloring contest for young children, incentivized contest for older kids
    • Act as your school’s vaccine ambassador
    • Join a health-related club at your school
And remember, we are always here to help! Contact us with any questions about how you can help us reignite a culture of immunization.
For Family:

Check out this family advocacy tool kit from Voices for Vaccines.

For Neighbors:

Engage with your neighbors using tips from Voices for Vaccines.

For Businesses:

Learn more about workplace policies from Health Action Alliance.

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