Maggie’s story, as told by her father and board-certified pediatrician Dr. Tim Jacks.

Following is a copy of Dr. Jacks message written on CaringBridge. He wrote this in 2015 when his young child Maggie was exposed to measles at the same time she was fighting cancer. Maggie survived, but it was a scary experience for her family. 


Place of Residence: Chicago, Illinois

Joshua was 30 years old and living in Chicago when he developed a high fever and a rash. His doctors prescribed antibiotics, but he just got sicker.

On Capitol Hill

“One person can make a difference.”

Four inspirational individuals shared their personal heartbreak with their Members of Congress to protect other families from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Your voice matters too… Help keep communities safe from vaccine-preventable diseases by reaching out to your state and federal policymakers to voice your support for vaccines and strong vaccination policies.