Aluminum in Vaccines: Is it Harmful?

by Vaccinate Your Family

Today, Academic Pediatrics published a study that looked at whether the aluminum in vaccines could be connected to asthma in children. The study did NOT find that the aluminum in vaccines caused asthma. This is not a scandal or an exposé – it’s safety data from an observational study, not new clinical data. 

Why was this study done?

After the FDA licenses or authorizes a vaccine and the CDC recommends it for use, a number of systems work together to help scientists monitor the safety of vaccines. These systems monitor for any rare side effects that may not have been found in clinical trials. Our systems and scientists are constantly collecting data and following up on potential safety concerns. As a part of this process, CDC funded research to see if there was any connection between aluminum in vaccines and asthma. 

As a reminder, researchers have been investigating the safety of vaccines for decades. They have found that vaccine ingredients are safe and that the recommended doses are non-toxic. You can review the abundance of research on vaccine safety here

What does this study show?

Honestly? Not much. The study does NOT show that the aluminum in vaccines causes asthma, or that this particular source of aluminum is toxic or causing harm to children.

The authors of the study are upfront about the fact that they weren’t able to include many factors that influence both the amount of aluminum in our bodies and the likelihood of developing asthma. For example, the study did not factor in environmental exposures that are also known to cause or be correlated with asthma, such as air pollution or exposure to tobacco smoke. Nor was the study able to look at how many children were breastfed – and scientists know breastfeeding can help protect children from developing asthma. The study also did not account for how much aluminum children were exposed to in other ways, such as through their food or baby formula.  

Why is there aluminum in vaccines?

For over 75 years, scientists have included very small amounts of aluminum gels or aluminum salts in some vaccines as “adjuvants.” Adjuvants help boost the body’s immune response. Without the use of these aluminum gels/salts in these vaccines, healthcare providers would need to give more doses of the vaccine or there would be less immunity provided by the vaccine, and therefore less protection from the disease.

Remember: aluminum is everywhere. It is commonly found in food, health- and food-related products, water, infant formula, and even breast milk. Learn more about the ingredients in vaccines here

The Bottom Line

Vaccinate Your Family is reassured by studies like these that our nation’s medical experts take vaccine safety very seriously. Vaccines are life-saving: this study does not change that. Healthcare professionals, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend vaccines because the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.

You do not have to change the timing of your children’s vaccines or deviate from the recommended schedule. The recommended vaccine schedule is specifically designed and tested to provide the best protection when kids need it the most. 

We know that some people will use this study to prey on parents who may be worried about vaccines or the recommended schedule. Get the facts to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and informed. 

The routine vaccines our children have received over the last 25 years will prevent:

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