Texas CHWs and Promotores Will Lead the Country in Vaccine Community Navigation

March 22, 2022 – Today, Día de la Mujer Latina and Vaccinate Your Family launched a first-of-its-kind training for community health workers (CHWs) and Promotores in Texas who want to better build their communities’ confidence in, and access to, vaccines. The organizations will be piloting the training in Texas before rolling it out across the U.S.

“To acquire vaccine confidence, you must build a relationship with the community you want to reach and  Community Health Workers and Promotores are the trusted members of their communities who can effectively achieve this effort,” said Venus Ginés, president and founder of Día de la Mujer Latina. “Our Vaccine Community Navigator training will empower CHWs and promotores to both encourage vaccination in their communities as well as navigate people to vaccine services.”

Upon completion of the four-part, self-guided course, CHWs and promotores will receive certified continuing education credits. They will also receive a certificate declaring them official Vaccination Community Navigators, which can be shown to employers throughout the course of their employment and job searches.

“There are people out there who are open to vaccinating themselves or their families, but they have questions or face huge barriers to accessing vaccines,” said Amy Pisani, CEO of Vaccinate Your Family. “The COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on the important role of community health workers and promotores in building vaccine confidence and connecting people to vaccine services. We cannot afford to lose that focus as we continue to not only protect our communities against COVID but also against the many diseases that routine vaccines can prevent.”


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