Vaccinate Your Family’s Serese Marotta Elected as President of the Coalition to Stop Flu

May 5, 2023: The Coalition to Stop Flu has elected Serese Marotta, Vaccinate Your Family’s Advocacy and Education Director, as President. She will work in tandem with the Coalition’s Chair, former Senator Tom Daschle, and Executive Director Niki Carelli to ensure Congress is implementing real solutions to end needless deaths from flu.

“Serese’s advocacy inspires us all,” said Amy Pisani, CEO. “After losing her healthy, five-year-old son, Joseph during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, she has worked tirelessly to ensure other families do not have to experience the same loss. At Vaccinate Your Family, she has built an incredible support network for bereaved families that reminds us daily of why our mission is so critical.”

Mrs. Marotta leads Vaccinate Your Family’s SQUAD™, advocates SQuaring Up Against Disease. SQUAD™ provides a scalable and sustainable platform for advocates who want to get involved in supporting vaccines and science. As part of this program, members are trained, mobilized, and empowered to share their stories, educate their peers, and help reignite a culture of immunization at national, regional, and local levels. Learn more about the SQUAD™ program here and read members’ personal stories here.

In her new role as President, Mrs. Marotta will help lead the Coalition to Stop Flu, a multi-sector advocacy coalition dedicated to ending deaths from seasonal and pandemic influenza. Coalition members represent a unified voice for the influenza ecosystem and include public health and patient advocacy organizations; academic, scientific, and research organizations; healthcare professional organizations; emerging biotech companies; healthcare distributors; and vaccine, antiviral, and diagnostic manufacturers.

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