Vaccinate Your Family Urges State Legislators, Health Commissioners and Governors to Ensure Certain Parameters Are Met Prior to Considering COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for School Attendance

October 21, 2021 – As our co-founders were instrumental in the passage of laws requiring vaccination for school entry in the 1980s, Vaccinate Your Family continues to support school vaccine requirements that keep our children safe from deadly infectious diseases. While the primary series of vaccines ought to be completed by age two, school requirements were initiated to ensure that no children fell through the cracks of the healthcare system and could be caught up on needed vaccines prior to entering kindergarten.

Traditionally, vaccines are not added to the requirements for daycare and school attendance until they have been on the market for an extended period of time. Childhood safety data for each vaccine on the recommended schedule helps ensure parental acceptance of vaccines.  School and daycare requirements should be put in place as the final mile to ensure that any child that has missed their vaccines(s) can be brought up to date and to ensure that children remain safe from deadly infectious diseases in their place of learning.

There are several parameters that are traditionally in place prior to considering vaccine requirements for school and daycare attendance including: full licensure of the vaccine;

  1. high parental acceptance;
  2. broad availability of the vaccine;
  3. physician/provider support for the vaccine;
  4. stable and adequate vaccine supply;
  5. addition of the vaccine to immunization information systems (registries);
  6. adequate data to assure vaccine safety;
  7. significant uptake in the recommended population to reduce the compliance burden on school/childcare systems;
  8. coverage for the vaccine and delivery in private health insurance plans; and
  9. sufficient funding to purchase the vaccine (if not completely federally-funded) through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, the Section 317 program, and/or a state program to provide access to those not adequately covered by private insurance.

While data supporting the overall safety of COVID vaccines is well established, the multiple criteria typically in place prior to considering a school-based requirement have not yet been met.  Therefore, Vaccinate Your Family is urging state legislators, governors, and health commissioners to first ensure that necessary parameters have been met prior to considering the addition of COVID-19 vaccinations for children to the list of requirements for school attendance.

For more information about the thirty year history of VYF and the organization’s long-standing Daycare Center and School Requirements Position Statement visit:

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