Vaccinate Your Family's mission is to protect people of all ages from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Questions About Vaccines

We understand that people may have specific questions about vaccines. Here you will find evidence-based information to help you make an informed decision about vaccinations for you and your family.

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Vaccine-preventable diseases still exist in the U.S. and around the world. You have the power to protect yourself, your family and your community.

Why Vaccinate

Learn about the millions of lives saved by vaccines, stories from people impacted by vaccine-preventable diseases, and share the reasons why you support vaccines.

Vaccine Resources

Looking for videos, educational materials, vaccine schedules or other resources? Whether you’re a parent, pregnant woman, adult, healthcare provider or vaccine advocate, we’ve sorted through our favorite resources and shared them here.

Support Vaccines

If you would like to do more to support vaccines in your community or at the national level, please take a moment to explore our resources and ideas.

Vaccinate Your Family works to educate the public, healthcare providers, WIC staff, media and policymakers about the importance of timely vaccinations and strong vaccination policies to keep our families and communities healthy. Your donation is critical in helping us keep people of all ages protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

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