Heather Findletar Hines, DNP, CNM, FACNM

Member, Committee of Scientific and Medical Advisors

Dr. Heather Findletar Hines has a joint appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor in both the School of Nursing and the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at SUNY Stony Brook. She earned her Master’s Degree in Midwifery in 2001 and went on to obtain her DNP in 2009 from Stony Brook’s School of Nursing.

In 2016, with the impending launch of the school’s iPad innovative, she became certified as an Apple Teacher. In 2017, she was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator and became the SUNY Stony Brook Midwifery Program Director. Her passion is helping midwifery students in the clinical setting with the development of their “midwifery” peripheral brain. She continues to interweave technology into basic and lifesaving midwifery skills.

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