Melody Butler, RN

Former Member, Committee of Scientific and Medical Advisors

Melody Anne Butler is a mother of four and a Registered Nurse who works on Long Island, New York as an Infection Preventionist with previous pediatric nursing experience at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center since 2007. In 2011, she founded Nurses Who Vaccinate, a not-for-profit organization that provides nurses, healthcare professionals, and vaccine advocates with current evidence-based information on immunizations, current recommendations, and benefits of immunizing. Members are immunization advocates in the workplace, community, and on social media websites. They are encouraged to be vaccine champions among colleagues, patients, and the public.

Melody’s work with Nurses Who Vaccinate has given her opportunities to participate on advisory roles within national public health organizations such as Voices for Vaccines, Every Child By Two, and Shot@Life, a United Nations Foundation Campaign. Melody is dedicated to helping children and patients everywhere lead happy and healthy lives.

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